Parafin Liquidum : Mineral Oil

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Parafin Liquidum : Mineral Oil

Did you know..... Parafin liquidum is:

  • In 98% of skincare products sold in the USA!
  • It is an extremely cheap and common petro chemical derivative (refined crude oil derivative)
  • It does not provide any nutritional value for the skin
  • Mineral oil such as this makes the skin look and feel smooth and soft, but these substances cannot be absorbed by the skin. They are deposited between the cells as unusable materials.
  • Health risk: Parafin Liquidum contains neurotoxins which damage the nervous system.
  • This is the main ingredient in many moisturisers and clogs the pores.

Whatever skincare you choose.....

Beware of claims!     Read ingredient labels!      Google ingredient words you don't know!     Search for:  nutritional benefits, or are they harmful?

Remember we can absorb up to 80% of what we put on our skin.


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