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We are passionate about helping to keep our New Zealand bush knowledge alive so here is a glimpse in to the totally amazing plant Kumerahou!

Kumerahou is a particularly special plant we are proud to have which is grown only in New Zealand, generally the northern part.

The plant can be taken topically, orally and we can also benefit from the spirit of the plant just by being near it!

Orally, either as a tincture or tea Kumerahou is a blood purifier and supports the liver.

Our Maori people had their own medicine at hand for blood poisoning issues. 

Topically Kumerahou leaves are outstanding for all kinds of skin conditions, eczema, sunspots, cancer concerns and whatever other skin issue comes up. It clears the skin working through the liver.

Spiritually Kumerahou heals and opens the heart energy centre.

Kumerahou also contains saponins in the root which means it can be used as soap!

What an awesome bush plant with so many uses!

To grow Kumerahou, it likes to be in exposed areas that are infertile, it does not like wet feet and  is frost tender. It can be very hard to grow by seed as it can take years before they germinate and it only lives for about 10 years. Typically it grows from the Coromandel upwards, and can be identified easily on the sides of the roads flowering in September October for about 3 to 4 weeks. Many bushes flowering together make an absolutely stunning show. The leaves can be picked and kept in the freezer for when you need it. Traditionally we give thanks to that plant and also to give something of yourself...like a peice of hair. So if you gather your own kumerahou or bush plants remember this little ritual :) 

In this moment of gratitude, being totally present with that plant is a moment where your spirit and its spirit connect :)    

We use Kumerahou in our products for its gifts for skin that it has for us...combined with other outstanding ingredients makes our products something to be really proud of that performs its own unique magic on each individual depending on their needs. 



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