Shea Butter production in Ghana

Posted by Tricia Rabarts on
Shea Butter production in Ghana

Our unrefined organic Shea Butter we use in our products is hand harvested in  Northern Ghana by the women only. The women in most of these families are involved in this industry, they wander out into the bush and collect the nuts from the wild Karite tree, which are then carried back to the village...probably on their heads!

The nuts are fired to open them so the pod can be extracted and then pounded into a powder which is boiled and put in trays to set. 

We are so grateful to these awesome hard working ladies who work outside in the heat and over a fire that we are able to have their shea butter to use. Thankyou!

We have on purposely chosen unrefined organic shea butter as opposed to the refined shea butter so that we can maximise the nutrition to have in our products.

Amazing to think this ingredient has been hand worked from beginning to end and a big part of these families lives and existence.

I think they would be proud to know where their hard work ends up!



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