The importance of "Me Time"

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The importance of "Me Time"

The importance of "Me Time" 

When you treat yourself well and value yourself it will filter down to all areas of your life.

Even spending 5 minutes by yourself  Breathing deeply, going for a walk outside or just sitting quietly by yourself can be all it takes to recharge for the rest of the day.

Our products help empower you with that "Me Time" being in that present moment to just Be, and Connect with yourself.

We have blended  unique native bush plant extracts exclusive to NZ - Kawakawa and Kumerahou - traditionally known for their skin nurturing and spiritual qualities. These spiritual qualities are very important to our products in an age of increased stress and anxiety due to more time spent “doing” and less time “being”.

Kawakawa is the plant of love (hence the shape of the leaf being a heart), while Kumerahou helps bring balance into the present moment.

When using our products, you can trust that it is not only supporting your well-being, but you are also spiritually supported by these plants to open your heart and be in the moment. Take this moment for yourself -  Breathe…… Just be…... create a moment of mindful space ….  while you Nourish your skin….and  Connect with yourself, appreciating that sense of balance.

Because this feeling of connecting to nature and ourselves is really important to our brand, we created a perfume made in France especially to support and compliment this ethos of the plants we use. This is a unique  perfume whose purpose is to evoke a sense of connecting with nature and the spirit of yourself.




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