Balance Skinfood Pack


A complete day and night package supporting skin naturally with organic nurturing ingredients, suitable for those with normal, dry or sensitive skin.

Also great for those with skin issues helping to bring balance to your skin's daily needs. 

This is a complete skincare package including:

  • Our new 50ml Camellia and Kawakawa Light Face Moisturiser, containing all our other favourite ingredients that nurture deeply.
  • 50ml  Kumerahou and Kaolin cleanser/ face pack  (multi purpose)
  • 50ml Hemp and Pomegranate Face Moisturiser for night use, or for those days when you feel you need extra moisturising.
  • 30ml Pure Oils to use at night or day, on its own, or add drops to either of the moisturisers when required.  Add drops to moisturiser for cracked feet or elbows.


The ingredients in each of these products have been very carefully selected for their nurturing, healing and moisturising qualities. The Botanicals Kawakawa and Kumerahou bring balance and support to the oils and butters. All these outstanding ingredients in one container work with each other to  do their own unique thing on each individual. 

The products have been manufactured in a process so that the ingredients have not been overheated in the making, this protects their healing and nurturing qualities to the maximum. There is no water added to our products. We use Aloe Vera instead.

Information about the ingredients on each of these products can be found in depth in the ingredients section of our website.

If you require an Organic Body Cream with these same nurturing ingredients as these products have, then you could add our Mind Body & Soul Dream Cream 150ml to your order.

We would love you to share your experience of our products in our reviews section of any of the products.  In advance...thankyou.