Kumerahou and Kaolin Clay Cleanser 100ml Trial


This is currently a test in a "Clean Skin" tin in a 100ml tin as opposed to the traditional 50ml glass jar in a lovely box that we currently do.  We are trialing to see if theere is a market for a bigger price in a practical container. So please exuse the :clean skin" look for the moment. Thankyou 

This Cleanser cleans and moisturizes all at the same time leaving your skin feeling silky and clean.

It also doubles as a really effective natural  face mask. The Kaolin Clay draws out deeper ingrained built up dirt, while still moisturizing.

Finishing with applying Wild Kiwihearts Pure Oils which is a combination of Hemp, Borage and Camellia seed oils, is the ultimate cleanse and face food  ritual for glowing healthy skin.