About Us

Tricia and Mandy

The owners Tricia and Mandy both have a strong belief that organic and natural are best. Being able to control what you use on yourself, knowing that it is organic, natural and sustainable is important to them both.

Their shared passions and complementary strengths led them to their journey with Wild Kiwihearts. They have combined the nurturing properties of native bush plants with the most nourishing organic oils they could find to create a skinfood which is good for your body as well as being good for your soul.

They are excited to bring you along on the journey with them.

As an extension of her love of growing organic vegetables Tricia started making natural skincare products for her own use, wanting to know exactly what she was using on her body. Her extensive knowledge and passion for bush plants and their health properties, led her to add Kawakawa and Kumerahou to her recipes.

She was soon being asked to develop moisturisers for friends with varying skin complaints including eczema. Tricia researched which oils would complement the nurturing properties of Kawakawa and Kumerahou to provide relief for sensitive skin and also nourish the body.

The chance to join Tricia and develop the business further enabled Mandy to combine her business knowledge with her passion for living simply, naturally and healthily. Shared values of honesty transparency and trust enabled the partnership to gel.

To be honest we are foodies at heart - Tricia is a chef and Mandy is a nutritionist. Our love for tasty fresh food together with understanding the value of wholesome quality ingredients, created a common bond. Life is about BEING with friends who share the same passion for life ............ including fishing!