About Us

Tricia and Mandy

We see a world where people acknowledge their true value, which empowers them to create more balance in their life.

Our shared passions and complementary strengths led us to begin this journey with Wild Kiwihearts where we have combined the most nourishing organic oils and butters we could find with the nurturing and spiritual properties of two native bush plants  known for love and to help bring balance into the present moment. 

When using our products take this moment for yourself - Breathe....Just Be....create a moment of mindful space....while you Nourish your skin...and Connect with yourself appreciating that sense of balance.

Breathe......Nourish .....Connect

Wild Kiwihearts was created by Tricia, a chef, who was inspired when growing up in Coromandel New Zealand by the sea. She was connected to the land and sea, fishing and gathering native plants to eat and use. This involved using Kawakawa and Kumerahou which are known traditionally in N.Z. to help in many ways, including balancing skin conditions.

Later in life, she felt the marketplace did not offer a face moisturiser that encompassed all the qualities she wanted - quality natural and organic ingredients with no fillers or nasties, authentic and honest. She started creating her own face moisturiser so that she was able to use ingredients which she researched to be nurturing and restorative. Of course it was a natural thought process to use the appropriate bush plants to empower the product.

Mandy, a nutritionist and close friend, became involved in Wild Kiwihearts through the gathering of Kawakawa at the Coromandel property, when Tricia was making another batch. Mandy really loved the product and she too deeply resonated with that connection of gathering from nature and using ingredients that were totally healthy with amazing nutritional benefits.

The chance to join Tricia and develop the business further enabled Mandy to combine her business knowledge with her passion for living naturally and healthy. Shared values of honesty, transparency and trust enabled the partnership to grow. Life is about BEING with friends that share the same passion for life .... including fishing!