Dream Cream "Mind Body Soul" 150ml


This is a truly beautiful moisturiser using our usual carefully selected natural and organic  ingredients that nurture, moisturise and nourish deeply  while supporting us to connect with our Mind Body and Soul.

It has been made available from demand by the now many lovers of our products that want to use a bigger quantity lavishly on face, feet, hands and body.

Our favourite ingredients that we love and adore are included: aloe vera juice, wild unrefined shea butter, hemp seed oil, black cumin seed oil, coconut oil, pomegranate oil and camellia oil.

These oils bring a raft of nutrition, omega 3, 6, 9, anti oxidants, essential fatty acids. They also provide natural balance for skin, especially eczema and dry skin, ideal for sensitive skin types and mature skin thanks us for applying it and drinks it up.

Then  of course it has Kawakawa and Kumerahou extracts taken from our tranquil native bush selected for the balancing properties for skin, (such as eczema or sunspots). These native bush plants bring the spiritual properties of helping us to connect with the self, self love and to be present in the moment.

Like a walk in the bush and the relaxation and balancing that comes with that, we bring to you in one big pot, the spiritual and nurturing properties of plants helping you connect with your Mind Body and Soul.


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