Magnesium Kawakawa Body Cream & Magnesium Oil Spray Package


This includes a 150ml Magnesium Kawakawa body Cream plus a 100ml Magnesium Oil spray normally valued at $75

The perfect Combo for those conscious about health and wellbeing wishing to supplement with magnesium.

Great for restless legs, artritis, sleeping issues, sore muscles, cramps, stress and anxiety.

Use the Oil for legs and feet or odd sore part. Use the Cream as a luxurious anywhere cream as a body moisturiser. 

The Spray is 50% Magnesium Chloride and The Magnesium Kawakawa Body Cream is 15% magnesium Chloride and mixed with other natural anti inflammatory ingredients makes it a great anti inflammatory and gorgeous healthy body cream!

Suitable for eczema type skin and pregnant women too.