Moisturiser, Cleanser, Pure Oils and Magnesium Cream


This is the ultimate Breathe, Nourish and Connect package.

This package includes:

  • Hemp and Pomegranate Face Moisturiser      87% organic   50ml
  • Kumerahou and Kaolin Clay Cleanser             84% organic   50ml
  • Pure Oils Hemp Borage Camellia seed oil     100% organic   30ml
  • Magnesium Kawakawa Body Cream               70% organic  150ml

Cleanse the day away naturally, Moisturise while nurturing your skin, Hydrate with supportive oils, and boost & maintain Magnesium levels while softening or massaging your body.

You can trust that these products will nourish you to a deeper level by using carefully selected highly nurturing Natural and Organic ingredients.  Plus there is not one drop of water in any of these products - we use Organic Aloe Vera leaf juice instead.

The spiritual qualities of the New Zealand botanicals Kawakawa & Kumerahou are known for love and bringing balance to the present moment. This helps to create mindful space for you to Breathe and take a moment of Me Time, Nourishing your skin with honest natural ingredients while Connecting with yourself. 

   Breathe.  Nourish.  Connect.



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