Mothers Day Special! Cleanser and Pure Oils


This makes a delightful Mothers day treat, with these natural and organic skincare products.

These are real skinfood, each ingredient selected for its nurturing properties to support health and beauty.

The Kumerahou and Kaolin Clay Cleanser doubles as cleanser and facemask while the Pure Oils are deep hydration. The perfect combination for all skin types to benefit from.

As a cleanser, this cleans and moisturizes at the same time leaving a silky clean feel at the end.

The hemp seed, unrefined shea butter and coconut oils in this cleanser moisturise, while the Kaolin Clay draws dirt from a deeper level. The Kumerahou helps balance skin issues so it is well suited to those with sensitive skin types.

There is no water in this cleanser, it has aloe vera full of nutrition and anti inflammatory properties.

This cleanser can be left on for an hour as a facemask.  It draws out dirt from the deeper layers while also moisturizing  leaving the skin feeling smooth and clean.

The use of the Pure Oils which includes the oils of Hemp Seed, Camellia and Borage can be used day or night and hydrates the skin deeply.

These Pure Oils are especially lovely to use after a face mask for an hour leaving the skin feeling nourished, smooth and silky.