Skin Superfood Special! Camellia Moisturiser, Kumerahou Cleanser and 10ml Magnesium Cream


Our current special for this winter is our popular and much loved Camellia and Kawakawa Moisturiser plus a Kumerahou and Kaolin Clay Cleanser/ face mask. plus a 10ml sample of our most popular product Magnesium Kawakawa Body Cream.

Wild Kiwihearts products use carefully selected ingredients that provide the best nourishment and health for your skin; real skin superfood.

Is it important to you to know that what you put on your skin is healthy and pure goodness in every drop?

Treat yourself with these two products and nurture your skin, leaving a soft silky healthy feel with regular use.

This Camellia Kawakawa Moisturiser is suited to all skin types, and soaks right in leaving your skin feel healthy, soft and silky. It helps to balance out skin issues to a smoother healthy complexion. Two ingredients in this are the Hemp seed oil which provides the perfect balance of Omega 3 and 6 and helps balance skin issues while the Black Cumin Seed Oil also is a skin superfood. Check out the other amazing ingredients of this beautiful product and know every ingredient your skin is absorbing when applying and why it is so good.

The Kumerahou and Kaolin Clay Cleanser is also a delightful face mask when left on for an hour, so a multi purpose item. It gently cleans and draws our dirt for deeper down and moisturises at the same time leaving your skin feeling clean, moisturised and fed all at the same time.

We know that what you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream, so if it is also important to you to know what you put on your skin, we have an ingredients page with all the attributes of our stunning ingredients and why we have chosen them.

These are the regular 50ml glass jars with bamboo lids.