Magnesium Skinfood Pack


This pack includes all your options to use magnesium chloride in your life to help you stay topped up!

Magnesium is needed for 300 functions in the body supporting many aspects of wellbeing mental, physical and physiological. Magnesium levels are essential for optimum health.

1 x150ml Magnesium Kawakawa Body Cream, 1 x 500g pack of Flakes, and a 100ml bottle of 50% Magnesium Chloride Spray. All options sorted! 

These products are helping those with restless legs, cramp, sore muscles, sleeping issues and even arthritis. This is a natural product so results can vary from person to person, but in saying that we have had not one bad review.

Use the cream to use on legs, feet torso day or night, add spray on top at any stage you feel you need just that bit more.

Or when you feel you need a magnesium top up, have a relaxing bath soak with a cup or two of flakes. A good sleep afterwards is a nice reward.