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2 New Natural Ways to Heal Your Baby's Ezcema

2 New Natural Ways to Heal Your Baby's Ezcema

All moms are afraid that they’re not doing enough for their babies…

As a new mom, you want to protect your baby at all costs. And wish the best for your child’s development, happiness, and health.

You’ve got so many things to worry about.

The last thing you need to be fretting over is your baby’s skin...

At Wild Kiwihearts Natural Skincare, we have NEW products specially made with your baby in mind.

Natural ingredients that soothe your baby’s nappy rash and cradle cap.

Safe for their delicate skin.
Free from dangerous chemicals that negatively impact their development.
Sustainably-sourced ingredients to keep our environment healthy now and for their future.
Proven in protecting and healing you and your baby’s skin.

Being a new mom is hard enough!

Wild Kiwihearts wants what’s best for you, your baby, and the future world your child will live in.

Comfort and protect your baby with our new Natural Soothing Cream

As you lay your baby to sleep, you want nothing more than for them to be safe and comfortable.

But for babies, 2-12 months, cradle cap is common:

  • Greasy
  • Scaly, dry skin
  • Crusty patches
  • Appears on their scalp

You want something that will immediately relieve and heal your baby’s skin but that is also safe for their sensitive skin...

Wild Kiwihearts’ Hemp & Kawakawa Natural Soothing Cream is your answer!

Containing natural ingredients like Kawakawa that is antibacterial and an anti-septic to treat your baby’s skin irritations.

Powerful ingredients like Hemp Seed Oil is strong enough to cure any red inflammation AND encourage healthy skin growth for your baby.

Our new Hemp & Kawakawa Natural Soothing Cream has the perfect combination of nourishing ingredients that:

  • Soothe your baby’s skin irritations
  • Completely heal your baby’s skin
  • Protect against further flareups
  • Strengthen your baby’s skin as they grow

Protect against nappy rash with our Kawakawa & Manuka Balm

To protect against nappy rash, some recommend using Vaseline as a “barrier cream” but some petroleum jelly’s as discussed in this blog are contaminated with dangerous chemicals that could risk your baby’s health!

Our Kawakawa & Manuka Balm is a natural balm that pairs the healing benefits of Kawakawa & Manuka to heal rashes, scabs, burns, and scratches.

Similar to Kawakawa, manuka is an antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory. Manuka draws moisture to the skin, which calms your baby’s nappy rash and keeps your baby’s skin hydrated.

We’ve specifically chosen this perfect combination of Kawakawa and Manuka to protect skin abrasions and rashes against infection and bacteria.

Kawakawa and manuka have the best combination in our natural balm:

  • To protect against bacteria
  • To lock in moisture
  • To heal skin inflammation

Discover the best value for you and your baby today!

Being a mom is hard enough without worrying about everyday skin irritations for you and your baby.

Wild Kiwihearts wants to make it easier by giving you the most effective natural and safe skincare to protect and nourish you and your baby’s skin!

We’ve even made a Kawakawa Manuka Balm and Kawakawa and Hemp Soothing Cream Duo that saves you from:

  • worrying about the health of your baby
  • stressing over the comfort of your baby
  • Saves and nourishes your own skin
  • Saves the environment through sustainable ingredients
  • Ultimately saves you money!

  • Don’t wait another day to start helping your baby grow and nourish their best skin.

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