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Ingredient Series: An Impactful Connection

Ingredient Series: An Impactful Connection
“Small gestures can have a big impact. Create where it matters.”

Impact is defined as “the force of impression of one thing on another: a significant or major effect.”

Your choices matter.

They have the power to create negative or positive effects, big or small.

If you choose to get up later than normal in the morning, you rush through your routine, leaving you feeling unsettled and anxious for the rest of the day.

If you choose to smile and greet your colleague, that small interaction can change their bad morning to a pleasant one.

If you choose to nourish your body with natural ingredients, you maximize your health while minimizing negative impacts on the environment.

While these small or big impressions are inevitable, you do have choices.

We, at Wild Kiwihearts, want to give you the best options to choose from and create positive impact.

Which is we choose to put the best, natural ingredients like Hemp Seed Oil in our skinfood products: Hemp and Pomegranate Face Moisturiser, Magnesium & Kawakawa Body Cream, Pure Oils, Kumerahou & Kaolin Cream Cleanser, and our new Hemp & Kawakawa Natural Soothing Cream.

Not only do we choose to put nourishing ingredients like Hemp Seed Oil in our skincare; we choose to source them from the best places like the passionate team at Hemp Connect.

Find out why we’ve chosen Hemp Seed Oil to create your healthiest skin and why we’ve chosen Hemp Connect to create a more sustainable environment.

A Super SkinFood

Used for thousands of years throughout the world, hemp is an herbaceous plant from the same family as Cannabis sativa, or “useful hemp.” While it is from the same family, it is vastly different in chemical makeup.

Parts of a Hemp Plant Wild Kiwihearts

While different parts of the plant have different uses, the oil from the hemp seed is a super skinfood.

Hemp seed oil has the perfect balance of Omegas 3,6,9 and vitamins that match your needs for healthy skin and optimum body functions. Hemp seed oil penetrates skin layers. Your skin absorbs its vitamins and fatty acids, giving you:

Wild Kiwihearts Hemp Seed Oil Benefits for Skin

Wild Kiwihearts knows the soothing, hydrating, and nourishing effects hemp seed oil has for your skin. Which is why Hemp Seed oil is in so many of our natural skincare products: Hemp and Pomegranate Face Moisturiser, Magnesium & Kawakawa Body Cream, Pure Oils, Kumerahou & Kaolin Cream Cleanser, and our new Hemp & Kawakawa Natural Soothing Cream.

But we also know the rejuvenating effects hemp has for our environment.

Which is why we’ve chosen Hemp Connect.

Enhancing You and the Environment One Seed at a Time

“We want to enhance lives through hemp. Individuals. Communities. Our country. Our planet.” -Hemp Connect

A small team in Wellington that began in 2017, Hemp Connect is growing the best hemp for you, for our community, for New Zealand, and for our environment.

What began as a search for sustainable building material, the team at Hemp Connect realized hemp’s nutritional value and positive environmental impact. Through this journey, Hemp Connect now is sharing the powerful effects of hemp with Kiwis just like you.

Similar to Wild Kiwihearts, Hemp Connect wants to enhance your health by sharing what it truly means to feed your body. What makes hemp the ultimate, natural bodyfood is the nourishing vitamins, omegas, and minerals that perfectly fit your nutritional needs.

Not only one of the best superfoods for your health, hemp is a sustainable resource to regenerate our beautiful Aotearoa. Hemp Connect believes in hemp’s ability to sustainably feed Kiwi families and nourish the environment not just for New Zealand but the planet:

  • Hemp is a natural insect repellant ---> does not require herbicides or pesticides
  • Hemp is a drought-resistant plant ---> will not use up valuable water resources
  • Hemp revitalizes the soil --->returning nutrients and prevents soil erosion
  • Hemp removes carbon from our atmosphere--->cleaning up greenhouse gashouses in our atmosphere

Wild Kiwihearts chooses Hemp Connect’s Hemp Seed Oil because:

  1. We both want natural, unrefined hemp seed oil that retains all of its incredible nutrients for you and your skin
  2. We both are aware of our ability to create positive impact on the environment
  3. We both connect on the same values in how we choose

Working to enhance all lives, networks, stakeholders, ecosystems, and the planet, Hemp Connect contributes to sustainability for Kiwis and New Zealand. This sustainability will thrive in our food systems, environment, and local economic markets.

Wild Kiwihearts wants to empower people through small acts of mindfulness-whether that is knowing what you’re putting on your skin or how the products you buy change our planet. And through those small acts, Hemp Connect is looking to hemp for what is sustainable for the environment and for what is good for people.

Wild Kiwihearts- Connection. Balance. Honesty. Mindfulness.

Hemp Connect-Passion, courage, integrity, teamwork.

Core values that drive Wild Kiwihearts and Hemp Connect to share and give you the best choices for you and the planet.

We believe in everyday people like you who have the power to make a great impact on the world around you:

You have the power to feed your skin and the body the way it deserves

You have the power to create a better planet

You have the power to choose better products for you, your health, and your sustainability.

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