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Is Natural Skincare Better?

Is Natural Skincare Better?

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“When you eat whole foods, you’re getting the food in its natural state. You’re getting it intact, with all of the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients” -Tara Gidus at the American Dietetic Association.

When it comes to our diet we know that natural ingredients are better than processed foods.

When it comes to our skincare we know that natural ingredients are less toxic for our bodies and less harmful for the environment.

But when it comes to our skincare, we also want powerful, effective ingredients that give us glowing, clear skin.

We, at Wild Kiwihearts Natural Skincare, believe that nature has incredible value. It gives us all we need to look and feel beautiful.

Wild Kiwihearts believes in harnessing the power of those natural ingredients to give you healthy skin inside and out.

We want to empower you so you can make healthier choices. Below are our reasons why natural skincare is better for you, your skin and your health.

1) There are not any risk of dangerous toxins or harmful effects in natural skincare

There are many toxins in common skincare: parabens, phthalates, petroleum oils.

If you missed our first blog, check it out here to learn more about the dangerous toxins and harmful effects they can have on your body!

Skincare made with all-natural ingredients don’t have the risk of these highly processed toxins and chemicals. Because some regulatory organizations claim that evidence is inconclusive on the effects of these toxins, conventional skincare companies still use parabens and phthalates as cheap preservatives.

With natural skin care, there is no risk and you know exactly what you’re putting directly on your skin.

At Wild Kiwihearts, we use organic, natural ingredients like Kawakawa, Kumerahou, and Organic oils to give you nourishing, natural skinfood.

2) Natural ingredients are easier on sensitive skin and allergic irritations

Some skin products we purchase to help relieve common skin conditions like eczema, dry, flaky skin, or rash irritations.

But with sensitive skin, you never know how your skin will react to mystery, chemical ingredients.

At Wild Kiwihearts, we know that what you put on your skin is as important and vital as what you put inside your body.

You wouldn’t treat already sensitive skin with harsh toxins and chemicals. You want natural skincare that will soothe irritations and bring relief for your skin.

3) Natural skincare is better for you and cleaner for the environment

When we wash our face in the morning, there is more going down the drain than water.

Chemicals from conventional skincare wash down the drain and enter the water supply.

Once in the water supply, these chemicals and toxins concentrate and pollute aquatic life, killing essential species and impacting the food chain from the bottom up.

Not only affecting the aquatic species, but toxic runoff from everyday use of skincare also kills delicate ecosystems like oceans, rivers, and lakes.

4) Natural skincare is Effective!

Wild Kiwihearts purposefully pick natural, organic ingredients to properly nourish your skin and body.

Wild Kiwihearts Natural Skincare is made of native natural bush plants known for nurturing properties. These native ingredients are full of nutrient-dense oils and natural plants to absorb into your skin and nourish your skin.

Our organic, natural skincare is wild-harvest native plants, sustainably-made in plastic-free contains, cruelty-free, and effective in giving you clear, beautiful skin and a healthy body.

Natural skincare is better because it gives us the skin we want and the health we need.

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