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You should be incorporating this into your daily routine...

You should be incorporating this into your daily routine...

The strong rays of the sun warmed my face and hands. As I walked, the glimmers of the lake danced in the sun.

Despite the beauty of the day, immediately I put my headphones on as I hiked along the lakefront.

Accidentally, shutting out half of the world around me.

I missed the crunch of the leaves, the harmony of bird songs, and the soft waves of the lake.

Many of us go through our daily lives like this...Distracted, absent-minded, and oblivious.

Most of us are so concerned with the next thing in our schedules: have to pick up the kids, get the deadlines in, make dinner, study and finish my assignments before I have sports practice…

But if we take out our headphones and fully experience what is happening in the present moment, we won’t miss the small but beautiful things that fill our days.

Mindfulness-is a way of life, the ability to be present and experience the current moment. Where we are and what we’re doing. The American Psychological Association defines it as:

“A moment-to-moment awareness of one’s experience….it is a state.”

Innate within all of us, mindfulness is a practice anyone can connect to at any time. Studies show practicing mindfulness daily reduces our stress, helps us gain clear insight, improves memory, and problem solves daily challenges.

We, at Wild Kiwihearts, know that small acts of mindfulness make big impacts in our daily lives for ourselves and those around us.

We have some easy ways to incorporate mindfulness throughout your day to become more present and enjoy the little things in life.

1. Morning Mindfulness Tip-5 Minute Journal

There is a stack of colorful journals in the back of my closet. With every good intention, I bought them to start journaling. But within a week, that habit would stop and another journal would remain forgotten and empty.

But mindful journaling doesn’t have to be a big production.

It can be simple, quick, and effective.

Studies show routine mindfulness journaling improves your overall mental health. Through releasing your emotions without judgment, you process emotions positively and problem-solve more objectively.

Tip: As you sip away on your morning coffee, take five minutes of your morning routine before work or school. Enjoy outside without your phone. Bring your journal and be with your thoughts. We also have some simple writing prompts below:

  • Free write--write whatever you are feeling or going through
  • What are you grateful for or what you are looking forward to today
  • Sensory or sensations you are feeling (emotions or your surroundings)

  • Try mindful journaling for 10 mornings and incorporate these quiet, peaceful moments into your morning routine. Share with Wild Kiwihearts your experiences, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

    2. Mid-Day Mindfulness Tip-10 Minute Walk

    Shinrin-yoku is considered preventative health care in Japan. Shinrin-yoku, or forest walking, is shown to release stress, lower blood pressure, and improve cognitive ability.

    A simple walk during your lunch break

    1. Clears your mind
    2. Reduces your stress
    3. Moves your body without a goal or intention

    As you’re walking, notice what is around you---the sights, smells, people, sounds. Notice your breathing and the sensations of your body.

    Tip: For 10 minutes out of your work day, take the time for yourself. Walk outside during your break to leave the stress of work behind, connect with how you are feeling, and recharge.

    You will come back to your desk with a clear head and ready to conquer the next half of your days’ work.

    3. Night Mindfulness Tip-12 Minute Meditation

    Meditation is not just for the yogi posed in a savasana. Meditation is for everyone.

    With a guided meditation, you can have a better night’s sleep and wake up feeling more energized. Guided meditations help relax your mind and prevent you from worried or wandering thoughts.

    Tip: Try a Guided Meditation to wind down from the hecticness of the day:

    1. In a comfortable position in bed and in your favorite pajamas, ready for a great night’s sleep.
    2. You sink into the sheets and listen to one of Wild Kiwihearts’ favorite free guided meditations.

    With these tips, mindfulness and its incredible benefits,

  • Reduced stress
  • Improved memory
  • Clear Insight
  • Increased Problem-Solving
  • Raised Awareness

  • Are accessible to everyone and their daily routine.

    Begin practicing these mindfulness tips so you don’t miss the beautiful things, big or small, in your daily life.

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