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Your Self-Care Routine for Complete Relaxation in 10 Minutes

Your Self-Care Routine for Complete Relaxation in 10 Minutes

4 Minute Read

You are Connected-you are linked to the meaningful relationships you have in your life. You are mindful of the powerful, positive impacts you have on your surroundings and loved ones.

You are Balanced-you have a healthy relationship with all the working parts of your life: your friends, family, work-life, and your health.

You are Valued-People in your life value you, your time, and your worth. You. Are. Important.

So now is the time to value yourself with the “me-time” you deserve.

You are busy all day, working, studying, and taking care of others. Sometimes you’re so busy you forget to take care of yourself.

This routine is for you to relax, breathe, and empower yourself with small acts of mindfulness during your nighttime routine. You need time to recharge so you can continue giving your best self the next day.

Through this 10 minute routine, we, at Wild Kiwihearts, want you to:

  • Have deeper moments of connection with your mind and body
  • Avoid mental and physical burnout
  • Eliminate stress
  • Stay healthy and happy
  • Slow down and enjoy the present moment

Take a few minutes (or as long as you need) to appreciate you.

8:00-8:02 p.m.-Light your favorite candle in your bathroom and place it near the sink.

Gather your favorite Wild Kiwihearts products: Kumerahou & Kaolin Cream Cleanser, Pure Oils, Magnesium, and Kawakawa Body Cream. Run hot water in a heat-proof bowl and grab a soft, plushy towel.

Wild Kiwihearts Natural Skincare

Our sense of smell stimulates parts of your brain connected to memory and mood. So by lighting your favorite candle, you relieve the stress of the day, clear your mind, and focus on yourself. Try these scents for specific aromatherapeutic purposes:

  • Lavender-relaxes the mind
  • Orange-reduces stress
  • Sandalwood-calms the body

Wild Kiwihearts

8:02 -8:04 p.m.-Place your head in the bowl and cover with a towel to steam your face.

Let the steam rise and open your pores. Let the steam melt away daily worries as you connect with how your body is feeling in this present moment.

By steaming your face for a few minutes, you:

  • Open your pores and loosen dirt buildup
  • Increase blood flow and collagen production
  • Soothe and relax

8:04-8:07 p.m.-Gently dot Wild Kiwihearts Kumerahou & Kaolin Cream Cleanser on your face.

Then give yourself a nurturing face massage. As you massage, the cleaning agents in the Kumerahou Cream Cleanser clear out dirt and buildup while the moisturizing oils leave your skin silky and glowing.

If you have time, leave on the cleanser as a face mask for up to an hour. The cleansing and moisturizing effects will truly leave your skin soft and refreshed. In this time, do something you enjoy and that relaxes you: reading your favorite book, run a soothing bath, or meditate with a guided meditation.

Wild Kiwihearts

8:07 PM-8:09 p.m.-Wash off the cleanser and softly pat your skin dry.

Dot a few drops of Wild Kiwihearts Pure Oils on key areas of your face and neck. Kindly massage the oil into your skin.

Breathe in a few deep, rejuvenating breaths. Letting go of all the worries and stress of the day.

Breathe in for 4 seconds and expand your stomach to let in as much air as possible.

Breathe out slowly for 4 seconds.

Repeat as many times as you need to connect to your breath.

Solely focus on your breathing for these few moments.

8:09-9:00 p.m.- Take a look at your beautiful self in the mirror and smile.

Every action you take in these moments is to give yourself the love and value you deserve.

Thank yourself for this time.

And remember that you are valued, balanced, healthy, and loved.

This nighttime routine is easily customizable and can be extended for a longer time. We, at Wild Kiwihearts, wanted to keep in mind busy moms or working students or whoever feels like they do not have enough time in the day to have a self-care moment and their deserved “me time.”

Try this at the end of your nighttime routine for a relaxing self-care moment.

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