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This plant will change your skincare...Because it's changed ours!

This plant will change your skincare...Because it's changed ours!

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You come home from a stressful day at work, replaying each scenario in your head over and over. As the weight of the day is on repeat, your mind sharply turns to all of the things you have to do later on tonight and then tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day.



Be in this present moment.

See it as the gift that it is.

Kumerahou traditionally is known to relieve respiratory illnesses.
Spiritually, it helps us breathe better, grounding us in the present moment.
Energetically, it allows us to receive the self-reflection and love we deserve.

These properties of Kumerahou we wanted to channel in every product at Wild Kiwihearts Natural Skinfood, cleansing your energies as much as nourishing your skin.

We’ve learned about the incredible benefits of Kawakawa for our skin here. This week, we’re sharing with you the nourishing properties of Kumerahou. We’ve even included our favorite organic skincare products for you to try, so you can enjoy each Kumerahou benefit to the fullest!

A Natural Way to Cleanse Your Skin

After you cleanse your face, does your skin ever feel tight and dry?

That is because a lot of cleansers strip natural oils away from your face, leaving it dried out of all essential oils that keep your skin hydrated & glowing.

Saponin is a natural carbohydrate found in the native plant Kumerahou. “Sapo”- is Latin for soap, meaning the saponins in Kumerahou give its natural foaming, soapy qualities.

These saponins in Kumerahou allow Wild Kiwihearts skincare to remove dirt from your skin without stripping your skin’s natural oils away. Properly cleansing your face AND locking in moisture.

How do saponins do this for your skin?

Saponin contains natural molecules that bind moisture to sugar molecules…

Essentially saponin’s structure in plants, particularly Kumerahou, creates a lather to gently and effectively cleanse your skin without damaging natural moisture barriers.

So if you have sensitive skin…
And have trouble finding a good cleanser that does not dry out your skin, leave it inflamed, or create eczema flare-ups,
You should try…
Wild Kiwihearts' Cream Cleanser

Our cream cleanser is the gentle organic cleanser that will:

  • Restore skin’s balance
  • Draw out your skin’s impurities
  • Cleanse skin with antibacterial properties
  • Soothe sensitive skin

It is the perfect cleanser to clean your skin and leave it naturally hydrated and comfortable.

It is a great cleansing face mask that will clear all impurities & leave your face feeling clean and your energy refreshed. Gently massage your face with Wild Kiwiheart’s cleanser and relax for an hour for the perfect me-time routine.

Protect Your Skin

Skincare companies mention the benefits of flavonoids without truly explaining what they are and why they’re good for your skin.

Flavonoids are natural antioxidants found in plants like Kumerahou to help protect them from their environments.

How do they help your skin?

The flavonoids in Kumerahou help neutralize free radicals and reduce the damage of UV exposures in plants.

They do the same for your skin.

Studies show that flavonoids increase defense mechanisms in your skin. They’ve also shown a decrease in sunburnt skin cells and inflammation.

In summary, flavonoids:

  • Help your skin repair itself
  • Heal sun damage and exposure
  • Correct dark spots by encouraging new skin growth
  • Prevent and deflect UV rays

For more information about what nourishing natural antioxidants can do for your skin, check out our blog here.

If you want to worry less about the appearance of your skin,
Breathe easy knowing that you've fed your skin with natural nutrients,
You should try…
Wild Kiwihearts' Moisturiser

The nourishing botanical compounds in Kumerahou, Kawakawa, and Hemp are specifically chosen to work in harmony to smooth out complexion, fine lines, sun damage, signs of aging to create glowing, hydrated, & healthy skin!

This moisturizer is perfect as we move into the colder, drier months of autumn and winter.

Ultimately creating a deeper balance between yourself and your self-care starts with your skin.

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