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We’ve always used Kawakawa to care for our skin...Here’s why

We’ve always used Kawakawa to care for our skin...Here’s why
"I grew up with Kawakawa, and knew of its highly beneficial properties, so when I started making my own skincare it was a natural thought process to include it. I added it to the face moisturizer to help friends that had eczema skin issues, and then I also included it when creating the Magnesium Kawakawa Body Cream because of its anti-inflammatory and circulatory properties.
All products were created for a purpose and with the best ingredients, I could find for each product that would also complement each other. When you put a combination of good things in one pot together, they create their own magic. This philosophy has resulted in products that are versatile, honest, and have a wide range of uses for people with all kinds of needs"
--Tricia Rabarts, Co-Founder of Wild Kiwihearts Nourishing Skinfood.

Kawakawa has been a faithful ingredient in helping Mandy and Tricia’s friends and family care for their skin. Now, we want to help you nourish your skin with one of New Zealand’s most medicinal plants, Kawakawa.

Kawakawa is known as the plant of love, and connecting with the self. Hence Wild Kiwihearts moto: Breathe, Nourish, and Connect.

We’ve highlighted some of Kawakawa’s most effective properties and paired them with our products that best fit you and your skin. We want you to be as connected with Kawakawa as we are in understanding the balancing, soothing, & healing benefits it has for your skin.

Balance Your Skin

One of Kawakawa’s most powerful abilities is the ability to naturally balance your skin from red, chapped, itchy skin to hydrated, glowing skin. Kawakawa balances your skin through:

  • Molecules known as lignans, which act as powerful antioxidants to boost healthy skin cell growth and repair damaged skin cells, caused by scratching or dryness.
  • Detoxifying effect, naturally drawing out impurities, reducing acne, and calming redness caused by skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis

In combination with Kawakawa’s antiseptic qualities strengthen your skin, restore natural hydration to dry skin, and balance the oil production in oily skin. Kawakawa’s medicinal properties work for all skin types from dry, scaly skin to acne-prone skin, restoring balance and locking in natural hydration.

If you want to balance your skin to return to a healthy state, you should try...

The Hemp & Pomegranate Face Moisturizer and the Camellia & Kawakawa Light Face Moisturizer.

Wild Kiwi hearts Hemp Face Moisturizer Wild Kiwihearts Light Moisturizer

The Kawakawa extract works together with hemp and Camellia oil to nurture and balance ALL skin types, sensitive and dry, combination, or oily.

So you can stop worrying about whether you have picked the right moisturizer for your skin type and relax knowing the balancing benefits of Kawakawa will give you healthy, hydrated skin.

Reduce and Soothe Inflammation

Anti-Inflammatory- “works as the first line of defense, acting before an inflammatory response by not allowing inflammatory agents to take effect.

Kawakawa contains a powerful bioactive compound called diayangambin. Studies show this compound is anti-inflammatory. When working with acute inflammation like eczema, rosacea, or psoriasis, Kawakawa speeds up healing and reduces redness and irritation.

If you want to reduce inflammation on your skin, body, and muscles, you should try...

The Magnesium Kawakawa Body Cream.

This product has proven to be highly beneficial for those with restless legs, cramp, arthritis or generally helps to ease or prevent painful moments. The anti-inflammatory ingredients in both Kawakawa and Magnesium are working to soothe your muscles, support circulation, and relieve the achiness of your hard work.

Massage this body cream into any tightness, soreness, or achiness so you can replenish your body, hydrate your skin, and start a new day well-rested and fresh.

Heal Your Skin

Kawakawa has the power to heal itself! Kawakawa creates a natural cocktail of compounds to repair itself against insects.

We use this incredible ability to help heal your skin:

  • Antimicrobial properties treat skin infections
  • Antibacterial properties disinfect all irritated areas
  • Natural compounds, myristicin, and eugenol, a mild antiseptic, blocks the damage of healthy skin cells
  • Heals broken skin
  • Promotes healthy skin growth

If you want to soothe and heal your skin, you should try...

The Kawakawa Balm & Natural Insect Repellent and Hemp & Kawakawa Natural Soothing Cream.

Wild Kiwihearts Kawakawa Balm

Kawakawa Balm and Natural Insect Repellent 45mlKawakawa Balm and Natural Insect Repellent 45ml

While most insect repellents burn sensitive skin with harsh chemicals, Kawakawa acts as a natural insect repellent and doubles as a healing agent.

You can protect your skin from pesky sand-flies & mozzies while treating any problem areas on your skin. Go ahead and enjoy those beautiful evening walks without the risk of itchy bug bites or irritated skin.

We want you to be empowered in knowing the ingredients & all of the care that goes into your skinfood products at Wild Kiwihearts.

Relax your mind and nourish your skin.

By using these products you can receive Kawakawa’s amazing benefits for your skin naturally.

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